• Deb Clark, MAI

4 out of 5 Valuations Are Written By Non-Appraisers

Let me repeat that… Four out of five real estate valuations in the United States are being written by non-appraisers.

Now if that scares you or makes you angry, I get it – I’m an appraiser, too… but let me explain something you may not realize. Banks hold about 100 million real estate loans, each one needing some type of valuation every few years. And with 75,000 licensed or certified appraisers in the country, and just over half of those actively taking fee assignments, the problem is obvious: there aren’t enough appraisers to meet the demand. These loans currently hold around $14 trillion in real estate, so banks have found themselves forced to find alternatives to traditional appraisals that can satisfy that demand.

Enter Evaluations

“An evaluation is a product that is, for the most part, the same as a restricted appraisal except , it complies with the Interagency Guidelines and not with USPAP.”

Since evaluations don’t comply with USPAP, they can’t be completed by an appraiser (in all but 11 states). And since evaluations are being completed by non-appraisers, they are being written at far lower fees and turn times than appraisals. Win for the banks, right? Well, in one sense, yes, because they are able to maintain their loans, and can do it using cheaper and faster services… but in most other ways, that win is troubling. With such loose guidelines around both what qualifies people to write these reports, as well as the level of analysis that must go into them, the quality of evaluations has become a serious, and far-reaching, cause for concern.

Now I could spend this time bashing evaluations, tearing into the banks that asked for them, or ripping the agencies that created them, but I won’t. Instead, what I want to do is share with you, the solution.

A Different Model

Two years ago, I expanded my appraisal office to include a branch of non-appraisers who write evaluations for our bank clients. We’re compliant, we’re competent, we’re filling a need, and we’re making money. Our clients have switched to us, no longer having to use their own in-house writers, or leaving other evaluation offices not run by appraisers. Why we did this is obvious – to do our part to take this industry back and make it better. How we did it is what I want to share with you…

Eval.com is the nation’s most comprehensive appraiser directory. As if that weren’t enough, we now give appraisers the tools and knowledge they need to completely, finally, meet the demand for quality valuation services with Eval.com/edu. Designed and built by appraisers like you who have been, and still are, on the front lines, we will not only show you how to grow your business beyond appraisals by bringing evaluations to your existing company (without YOU being the one writing them), we will give lenders the means to find your company based on what you offer and where you work. Your clients left you behind because they had no alternative… until now. 

So Join Us

Let's take our industry back!


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