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How To Hire An Appraiser

Updated: Nov 3

Hiring an appraiser should be easy, so why does it seem so hard?

To start with, there are many reasons you would hire an appraiser. Did your tax assessment come in higher than you think it should be? Are you trying to refinance or sell your home? Tired of paying that extra fee for private mortgage insurance every month? When paying for an appraisal you want to make sure you’re getting the most accurate value possible. But how do you go about hiring the right appraiser? Here are some tips to help.

Step 1: Check Their Credentials

Appraisers are required to be certified or licensed through the State Appraisal Board where the property is located. Those credentials are then passed on to the federally regulated appraisal subcommittee and may be viewed at asc.gov.

Step 2: Find An Appraiser Who Knows Your Market

Every market is different; if you live in a metropolitan area it’s possible that an appraiser may never need to travel more than 30-60 miles from their home or office in order to stay busy. In more remote areas, they may travel an entire state on a regular basis to have a thriving business. Start your search from where their home office is. If there aren’t any appraisers in your local area, be sure to ask them about their experience in your market to make sure you’re comfortable with their knowledge.

Step 3: Interview Them

There is no substitute for this step. Ask them how long they’ve been in the business in your market. Ask how long it will take them to finish your report, how soon they can do the inspection and how much it will cost. Ask them questions you have that we haven’t even thought of! Why? Because customer service matters. Although an appraiser by law, can not write a report to meet a value that you request, they should be willing to answer questions and tell you how they came to that value. If they are impatient answering your questions before you hire them, they are unlikely to be helpful after they’ve been paid.

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So, what’s next? After you’ve selected the appraiser that’s right for you, schedule a time for them to come and view your property. If you’ve made improvements to your home since it was purchased, it helps to make a list of what those were, and the costs incurred. Keep in mind, the money you put in DOES NOT always equal an increase in value, but it does give the appraiser a clear understanding of what’s different about the property from the previous sale price.

After that, sit back and wait for them to do their work! Once you’ve gotten your report, be sure to talk with your appraiser if you have any questions. Their job is to help you understand the value of your home, our job is to make finding your appraiser easy.

Eval.com makes the process of verifying the credentials effortless by only showing you active licenses for appraisers based on your search criteria.

Our search results are location driven. Find the appraiser who is not only licensed in your state but also is physically located closest to your property. The appraiser who can tell you where the best burger to eat in town is probably going to know your home’s true value, better than the guy just passing through.

Each appraiser’s profile lists their specific expertise, their education, credentials and coverage area…things you can’t find on state and federal listings. PLUS…you can contact them or even request a job, directly from their profile page.

Eval.com makes finding an appraiser simple, fast and free. Find the appraiser that's right for you today!


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