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There Is A Better Way

Where We Are

Since 500 B.C.E., the appraisal profession has operated alongside the growth of civilization. In fact, civilization would not have been possible without it. What we do is so important that we ought to have a large and active presence in our collective and economic consciousness… except we don’t. Our expertise and range of services are underestimated, misunderstood, and widely underutilized. Today, we see the number of certified and licensed appraisers shrink every year, and the demand for what should be our services being redirected to alternatives within our industry. We can’t keep up, the laws keep changing, and we’re afraid of becoming expendable. Gloomy, isn’t it? Now try this instead…

Where We're Going

“Imagine a world where appraisers have one voice, united, where anytime someone needs their property valued, appraisers from across the country are available at their fingertips.”

Where appraisers can have a professional home on the web, that is marketed to users across the spectrum, and that gets high placement in all the major search-engines. Where appraisers are shown how to expand on their skills and expertise, and are provided with the tools, knowledge, and exposure necessary to make that expansion happen. Imagine a world where we can finally, completely, meet the demand for quality valuation services. Better isn’t it?

It IS Possible

And it’s real… I know because I’ve done it. Two years ago, I expanded my 5-person appraisal company, to a 15-person company offering alternative evaluation services in addition to traditional appraisals.

  1. We Are Compliant

  2. We Are Competent

  3. We Are Filling A Need

Our existing clients appreciate how we’ve grown, and new clients are now able to find us, and engage our services. In our little corner of the country, we’ve found the way to take this part of our industry back; and we want to help you do the same. Welcome to…

Designed and built by appraisers like you who have been, and still are, on the front lines, we will not only show you how to grow your business, we will give lenders the means to find you and your company based on what you offer and where you work. Whether you’re looking to diversify your client base beyond the banks, or expand the services offered by you or your company, Eval.com has everything it takes to help you reach your professional goals.

We are committed to making our industry better….Join Us!

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